Mobile games and applications

As part of this service, our company offers the development of mobile games or business applications that contain elements of virtual or augmented reality.

Stunning graphical visualization from the Unreal Engine, the speed of development from Unity3d, the speed of the application itself in native development — we will choose the best implementation of the application with you and deliver the product right on time.


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Mobile applications

Mobile games have long ceased to be simply the product itself, which sells itself. Technologies such as gamification and advergaming have already proven to be effective in promoting products, as well as training company personnel in a relaxed game form.

Use our expertise in game development to promote your products and services in retail with overheating!

Effectively train your company staff with gamification!

Also, if necessary, we can integrate the latest technologies of virtual and augmented reality into your business applications, repeatedly extending their value to the end user.

Based on your business objectives, we will design the future application, advise the development environment, develop and deliver you the products, support and future updates.


A mobile game with real-world prizes

OBJECTIVE: Develop 3D endless runner for one of our clients